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Each year, before you know it the leaves will have all fallen and the snow will be here to stay, and you need to make sure your home’s furnace is in top working condition to keep you and your family warm. It’s fairly common for a furnace to experience some issues as it lay dormant during the warmer months, so we suggest you have a home comfort service professional come and perform regular maintenance to ensure your furnace is safe, operational, and as energy efficient as possible. Here we’ll discuss the benefits of preventative maintenance for your furnace, why it’s important to have an expert take care of it, and what’s included in a tune-up.

Why should I have maintenance done on my furnace leading into the winter months?

In addition to the wear and tear your furnace experiences while it’s in use all winter, there can also be damage that happens in the summer months due to lack of use. Corrosion is one such culprit. As such, having furnace service completed each autumn is advisable to extend the life of your equipment. Further to this, keeping your furnace running in optimal condition will help you to save money on your utilities by allowing it to operate as efficiently as possible. Preventative maintenance will protect your family from potential furnace breakdowns during the coldest winter months. Need more reasons? We’ve got them:

  1. Invest a smaller amount now to save money on costly repairs down the line.
  2. Save time by fixing problems before they get too serious.
  3. Lessen the risk of frozen pipes or water damage to your home if your furnace breaks down.
  4. Avoid frustration from family members or tenants.
  5. Avoid any health and safety risks.

Why should I have a professional perform a proper furnace maintenance inspection?

Most furnaces these days operate on natural gas, or possibly oil. As such, it’s important to engage the services of a qualified expert for maintaining the equipment. If you work on it yourself without the right information, you run the risk of damaging your furnace, but also the risk of exposing your family to flammable and toxic gas leaks.

What can you do to help keep your furnace it top working order? Most furnaces make it easy for you to change out the filter. It’s best to do this every month to prevent excess dust from circulating through your ductwork and into your living environment, as well as protecting the furnace components from damage. As your air conditioner leverages some parts of your furnace for circulating cool air in the summer, it’s best to change the filter every month throughout the year.

What’s involved in a furnace maintenance appointment?

A maintenance inspection includes cleaning the furnace, changing the filter, checking for leaks and unhealthy gases, and ensuring that everything is operational. We can also clean the furnace ducts – ask us about our duct cleaning services.

We can’t stress enough the importance of regular furnace maintenance for safety, reliability and efficiency reasons. Having your furnace and heating system in peak operating condition before the heating season begins saves you time, money and hassle down the road. Not to mention the fact that improperly maintained units can be a health and safety hazard. Don’t get caught unprepared or else you’ll be in for a nippy surprise!

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