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It can be difficult to manage heating bills in addition to paying rent or a mortgage. Although heating is something that’s a necessity (especially in those cold, winter months), it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are some things you can keep in mind to help you save on your heating bill.

Turn down the temperature at night

Bringing the temperature down 2-4 degrees at night can help you save a ton of money. Since the members of your household will be sleeping with warm blankets and comforters, a change in temperature will likely go unnoticed.

Simply turn your thermostat down before you head to bed, and turn it up as soon as you wake up. It shouldn’t take too long for your home to be heated again. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can program the temperature to drop at night and come back up just before people wake up.

Similarly to turning down the temperature at night, turning it down when no one is home can also be beneficial. Bringing the temperature down for eight hours a day can mean a lot of savings on a monthly basis.

Utilize your curtains and blinds

Your windows are one of the main ways that heat escapes your home, so it’s imperative that they’re treated this way. Be sure to close your curtains and blinds at night. This will keep precious warm air inside. On the flip side, open them during the day – the sun’s natural heat will help to warm up the rooms in your home.

Turn on your ceiling fan

It may sound redundant, as most assume fans are used only to keep you cool. However, this is a myth! Because heat rises, having a a ceiling fan can help to circulate warm air, even at a warm setting. Just make sure that your blades are set to push the air downwards—in other words counter clockwise in the summer will create a wind-chill affect by pushing air down (keeping you cooler) while setting it to clockwise in the winter will help keep you warm by drawing warm air up then forcing it back down on you.

Close heating vents and doors to unused rooms

We all have rooms in our home that don’t see a lot of traffic, whether it be guest bedroom, formal living or dining  room, or home office space. By simply closing the doors (if possible) and the heating vents in these rooms, your home’s heating system won’t have to work as hard to heat the remainder of the rooms.Then, when you’re planning on having company over or having a family dinner, you can open the doors and vents again.

Check seals around windows and doors

Before the winter months set in, check the seals – both inside and out – around windows and doors. If you come across cracks or missing seals, purchase a caulking gun from the hardware store and re-caulk the seals. This will ensure no warm air is getting out and no cold air is coming in.

Consider updating your insulation

If your home is older, you may have an older type of insulation – probably fiberglass. Although updating your insulation to a new, more efficient product will be a cost to you upfront, it will save you money in the long run.

These are just a few of many tips and tricks you can put to use when it comes to heating your home. Some may work from you, and some may not – try asking family members and friends for their favorite heat-saving tips!

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