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Is It Bad To Switch Between Heat And Ac

Is It Bad To Switch Between Heat And AC If you live in Ontario, you know first-hand how unpredictable the weather can be, especially as we near the beginning of spring and summer. As temperatures fluctuate often, it’s common for homeowners to use both their heating and cooling systems to stay comfortable. A common question […]

Furnace fan keeps running with thermostat off

Furnace Fan Keeps Running With Thermostat Off A common HVAC problem that many homeowners deal with is when the furnace fan keeps running after the thermostat has been turned off. In addition to being inconvenient, it poses questions regarding possible system deterioration and higher utility costs as a result of reduced energy efficiency, which is […]

How to choose an HVAC company?

How to choose an HVAC company? Having a reliable and efficient HVAC system is essential for maintaining a comfortable home environment. Whether you’re in need of a quick repair, routine maintenance, duct system cleaning, or a new HVAC installation, picking the right HVAC contractor can really make all the difference. So, how do you choose […]

How Often Should A Boiler Be Serviced 

How Often Should A Boiler Be Serviced  Your boiler works diligently to keep your house warm during the winter. But in order to keep this crucial device in good working order, how frequently should it be serviced? Come along with the team at Boonstra Heating and Air Conditioning as we break down the essentials of […]

Do high efficiency furnaces last longer

Do high-efficiency furnaces last longer? When it comes to heating our homes, efficiency is everything. High-efficiency furnaces have gained a great deal of interest as of late as energy conservation and sustainability become paramount. But, aside from the assured energy bill savings, many homeowners wonder if these cutting-edge appliances have a longer lifespan than their […]

Heat Pump vs Gas Furnace in Ontario

Heat Pump vs Gas Furnace in Ontario When making the decision between whether to heat your home with a heat pump vs. a gas furnace in your Ontario home, it often boils down to three main factors: efficiency, affordability, and maintenance. You will need to consider your heating needs and budget, each system’s maintenance requirements, […]

Should I replace furnace and AC at the same time

Should I Replace Furnace and AC at the Same Time? We understand the value of making well-informed choices about the cooling and heating systems in your house as your comfort specialists at Boonstra Heating and Air Conditioning. As such, we’re going to be going over the advantages of replacing both the furnace and the air […]

When to Replace Your Air Conditioner

As your comfort experts, we understand how important it is that you have a properly functioning air conditioning system to offer cool relief throughout the hot summer months. And at Boonstra Heating and Air Conditioning, we are absolutely committed to keeping you cool and comfortable when you need it the most.  With years of experience, […]